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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

A1. Front Squats @ 32X1 3-4 reps x 4 sets
A2. L-Sit - Beginners: 5-7 hanging leg raises x 4 sets
Intermediate: Parallel Bars (tuck) 2 reps max hold (rest 20 sec between reps) x 4 sets
Advanced: 2 reps max hold (rest 20 sec between reps) x 4 sets
A3. Ring dips 3 reps x 4 sets - Beginners: 5 second negative
- Intermediate: 3-5 reps x 4 sets
- Advanced: weighted 2-3 reps @ 21x1 x 4 sets
Rest 120 seconds

B. 3 Rounds
For Time
7 x Bulgarian ring push-ups
11 x Barbell Jumping squats 35 lbs/ 55 lbs
14 x alternating hang kettlebell clean 30 lbs/ 45 lbs

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

For Time:
9 hang power cleans 85 lbs/135 lbs
9 Push Press 85lbs / 135 lbs
9 Overhead Squats 85/125 lbs
5 Rounds

Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday, Oct 30, 2010

A. Power Cleans 2-3 reps x 5 sets; rest 60 seconds- Beginners do hang power cleans and advance to power cleans from the floor.

B. 3 Rounds at 100% intensity
box jumps x 8
burpees x 8
row 15 calories
4 minutes Active Rest
(advanced do: 2 reps of wall walks (do not lose hollow/bodyline); beginners: 30 sec bodyline on stomach and 30 sec bodyline on back.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

A. Planche Preparation
-joint prep
-frog stands/ advanced frog stands

B. Handstands

C. Another Benchmark Workout!
Cindy or Mary

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

5 Hspu
10 pistols
15 pull-ups
As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 minutes

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday, Oct 28 , 2010

A1. Back Squats @32X1 4-5 reps x 3 sets
A2. Back levers- 10 sec on, 30 sec off, 3 reps - 3 sets: rest 2 minutes

B. 6 sets @ 100% intensity
30 sec As many reps as possible - clean and jerk - 95/135 lbs
30 sec As many reps as possible - box jumps
30 sec AMRAP kb swings 35 / 50 lbs
30 sec AMRAP burpees

Rest 4 minutes between sets and in that time do 30 sec bodyline drill on stomach and 30 sec on back

Wednesday, OCt 27, 2010

Planche Practice - Tabatas- aim for 10-20 seconds of work and 30-60 seconds of rest
Beginners- Frog stand
Advanced - Advanced Frog Stand (elbows are now straight). If this hurts your elbow then you need to go back to straight arm( dorsal position) plank holds, working up to 60 sec.

As Fast as Possible:
kettlebell snatch x 30 reps (15 per arm) 35/50 lbs
knees to elbows x 10 reps
15 squats
rest 2:30
4 Rounds

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010

A1. halting clean deadlifts, 2 reps @ 85 % 1RM, 3 sets - rest 60 sec.
A2. clean pulls 2 reps @ 85% 1 RM, 3 sets - rest 60 sec.

B. mid thigh cleans: work on speed - 75% of 1RM x 5 sets of 2 reps; rest 2 minutes between sets

C. Fran
thrusters 65/95 lbs
For Time

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday, Oct 25, 2010

A1. Deadlifts 3-4 reps @ 22X1 x 5 sets
A2. 5 ring push-ups; 4 Bulgarian ring push-ups; 2 Pseudo ring planche push-ups x 5 sets
A3. back lever tuck or back lever-flat tuck 15 sec hold x 5 sets

* if you do not want to get inverted do L sits instead

As Many Rounds As Possible in 3 minutes of:
100 meter row
21 double-unders
12 kettlbebell swing x35/50 lbs
Rest 3 minutes
3 Rounds


"Our fitness, being "CrossFit", comes through molding men and women that are equal parts gymnast, Olympic weightlifter and multi-modal sprinter or "sprintathlete." These are the words of Gregg Glassman, head coach of CrossFit.

We have long discussed the unparalleled hip drive, speed and power that the olympic lifts develop. But why gymnastics?

We often think of the barbell as the primary tool for the development of strength. This is shortsighted. Gymnasts spend no time with a barbell and yet it is not uncommon for them to press 110% of their bodyweight, deadlift twice their bodyweight and do weighted chin-ups at 50% of their bodyweight. And this is with ZERO time spent under a barbell!

Why does gymnastics conditioning work so well for the development of strength? Coach Sommers, USA Jr. National Team Coach, explains in his book Building the Gymnastics Body, that the number one reason gymnasts develop such amazing strength is the CONTRACTION that is required. In order to successfully perform advanced bodyweight exercises, full body contraction is required. Static holds for instance, such as back levers and L-sits, are executed by supporting a heavy weight in a locked static position." This has tremendous positive impact on the strength of the joints and connective tissue" (IV). A powerlifter or olympic lifter would crumble under the demands of a planche, not necessarily because they lack the muscular strength, but because their connective tissues - the ligaments and tendons are simply not strong enough. Why does it matter if you have strong tendons? Strong tendons will make you a stronger athlete all around. Connective tissue is neurologically dense. When you contract your muscles, neurons fire. The more neurons that fire the harder the contraction.

I do not know why, but we tend to be more impatient when it comes to making advancements with gymnastics movements. Each of the progressions we work on will take weeks! Not days, but weeks, and maybe even months.t its' mAND suffer fewer injuri

Sunday, Oct 24, 2010

A. Jerk balance 3 reps @ 65% 1RM x 5 sets; rest 2 minutes between sets.
B. Rack Jerk 3 reps @ 70% of your 1RM rest 2 minutes; 3 reps @ 80% of your 1RM; rest 2 minutes; if all of your lifts are successful, work up to a single 1 RM for the day.

C. 3 power cleans 75/105 lbs
3 front squats 75/105 lbs
3 push press 75/105 lbs
3 sets
rest 3 minutes after each set
5 Rounds

flux CrossFit Kids #1 - Sunday, October 24, 2010

flux CrossFit Kids

Over the past month at flux CrossFit Kids we have been focusing on 'good' food and achieving excellent form and technique in all of our movements including squats, push-ups, planks, sprints, presses, and deadlifts. We have also been concentrating on improving our body line with timed plank drills, slow negatives on push-ups, and ring work (skin-the cats, levers, etc.).

To help each of our Kids continue to make improvements Darci and I have developed a "Goals" checklist which we will be introducing in our flux CrossFit Kids class today.

This goals list will enable coaches, athletes, and family to support every flux Kid in achieving their goals and improving in the following 10 elements of fitness:

1. Cardiovascular/ Respiratory Endurance
2. Stamina
3. Strength
4. Flexibility
5. Power
6. Speed
7. Coordination
8. Agility
9. Balance
10. Accuracy

For the month of November we will be working towards perfecting the following three movements: push-ups, back lever tuck, deadlifts

Push-Ups: strong plank all the way up and down, chest to floor, looking slightly to horizon
1 perfect push-up
3 perfect push-ups
5 perfect push-ups

Back Lever Tuck (on the rings): inverted hang, keep back rounded with knees held tightly to chest, thumbs out, lower hips to horizontal position and then pull back through
skin the cat - athlete pulling themselves through and back through without spot
back lever tuck - with spot
back lever tuck - without spot

Deadlifts: stance, grip, shins, chest (tightening back), pull
5 perfect form deadlifts (with pvc pipe or training bar or weighted bar)

I look forward to helping all of our flux Kids become better athletes!
Coach Charity

Below are some photos from last Sunday's WOD.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday, Oct 23, 2010

A1. TGU 3 sets of 2 reps (per arm)
A2. 2 max hold L-sits, 3 sets; rest 30 sec

B. Nancy
400 meter run
15 OHS 65/95
5 Rounds
For Time

Friday, October 22, 2010

Announcement- Additional Classes

Starting next week we will have a 3:30 pm class on Monday and Friday.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday, Oct 22, 2010

A. Planche progressions

B. AMRAP in 15 minutes
5 weighted chin-ups 45/25 lbs
7 Front Squats 105/145 lbs

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thursday, Oct 21 , 2010

A1. Deadlifts @22X1 3-4 reps x 5 sets
A2. handstand (push off of wall) 3 reps x 5 sets; rest 90 sec.

B. Row 500 meters at 95% intensity
zero rest
15 burpees as fast as possible
rest 4 minutes
4 sets

A convincing article on why adults should practice gymnastics.

Deb's Surgery

Hi gang,
There's a card in the gym to sign for Deb. She just had her surgery yesterday.

Additional Classes

Hi folks,
I am thinking of adding a couple of classes to the schedule. I was thinking Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 pm. If you would use this time please respond here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wednesday, Oct 20 , 2010

A1. press - wave load: 6, 4, 2, 6, 4, 2 @ 21x1 rest 60 sec.
A2. L- sit Max hold; rest 90 sec.

B. 15 ring dips (unbroken)
800 meter run
85% intensity
rest 5 minutes
3 rounds

On your rest time practice back and front levers.
Here is a great video on the back lever.

flux baby shower


Hi all! Just a reminder that we are having a party to celebrate the three new baby girls that have been born to some of our fabulous fluxers. The party is this Sunday at Joans!! There is an information sheet at the gym (on the way down the stairs) and there is an older blog (Friday, September 24, 2010) with all the details!!! Come if you can, should be fun!!! Also, there are three boxes in the Communication Center at the gym. Each box has a card and envelope in it for anyone that wants to donate a bit of cash to the new families and sign the card. Email Jane at Jane_McLeod@hotmail.com if you plan on attending or comment on this blog.

Hope you can come out should be a nice chill time and of course you get to play with the babies!! FUN!

Tamara's Show


Fellow fluxer Tamara has a show at the MacKenzie Art Gallery right now. Anyone want to go on a date with me?

Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010

A. 7 Rounds
30 sec double unders
30 sec rest
30 sec burpees
30 sec rest

B. Active Rest for 5 minutes:
5 pistols per leg
back lever
front lever

C. 7 Rounds
30 sec jumping squats
30 sec rest
30 sec kb swings 35/50
30 sec rest

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday, Oct 18, 2010

A. Halting snatch deadlift 3 reps x 3 sets light weight

B. Snatch balance 3 reps x 3 sets light weight

C. AMRAP in 20 minutes:

3 x snatches 85/125 lbs
5 x hspu
7 x static pull-ups

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sunday, Oct 17, 2010

A1. Back squat @ 31X1 2-3 reps x 7 sets; rest 30 sec.
A2. Hanging leg raises 5 reps x 7 sets; rest 2-3 minutes

B. 7 hip snaps
15 push-ups (if you need to do more than two sets reduce the reps)
15 overhead barbell lunges 55/85 lbs
rest 90 sec
5 rounds

Saturday, Oct 16, 2010

A. 12 unbroken power snatches 115/80 lbs
200 meter sprint; rest 2 minutes
3 rounds

Rest 5 minutes

B. 12 unbroken push press 125/85 lbs
15 burpee box jumps; rest 2 minutes
3 rounds

rest 5 minutes

C. Tabata crows 4 Rounds

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday, Oct 15, 2010

Have at it!

For Time:
400 meter run
3 Rounds
16 kb snatches 35/50 lbs
12 pull-ups
27 double unders
400 meter run

Meat Arrives Tomorrow at 12 noon

Kevin of Lange's Country Meats will be delivering your meat this Friday to flux at 12 noon. Please make checks payable to Lange's Country Meats.

A Note on Intensity

I love CrossFit. Without CrossFit I would have no idea what a muscle-up is, let alone something I could do. Same thing with the handstand push-ups. I knew about the snatch and clean and jerk but those were considered highly specialized movements. I too, for a very long time, have been a "met-con junkie". The thrill of the intensity, the spiritual experience as you push your body to its limits. You cannot beat the adrenalin rush. But here's the problem, and this is something OPT, Robb Wolf and many other very reputable coaches have been saying for a very long time - constant intensity is a guaranteed path to adrenal fatigue and burn out. Google CrossFit and Adrenal Fatigue and all the evidence points in the same direction - excessive metabolic work! What often happens with CrossFit is that the daily wods are set up in such a fashion that you are basically "testing" the body every single day by going at 110% intensity. Smart programming will design testing days around other workouts so that you can truly measure your performance. Here's an example with two different scenarios: let's say I have a 4 minute Fran time and I do it again and take 20 sec off my time. I throw up, experience serious muscle cramping and dizziness and I am wrecked the next day. Now, let's say I do Fran again, my time is the same as my previous PR on Fran but I walk away without having to collapse on the floor and I feel pretty darn good, like I actually had a bit left in the tank. So is my faster Fran time evidence that I am 'fitter' or just that I pushed myself to that dark place? I can guarantee you that pushing your body to its limits every single day is a recipe for disaster and leads to an unhealthy body.

I am a Virgo so I come by my need for perfection honestly. It kills me to witness someone going at 100% intensity with ugly form. Let's keep the Fran example. I kill my previous PR but I was rounding out my back, I had a butt wink and I haven't locked out my elbows since the 80s. IS that a sign of improved fitness? I would argue no. It is important to build skill work into the CrossFit programming and this includes isolation work like the body line drills. CF focuses on the big, multi-joint movements and with good reason; but, to only focus on the compound movements will not address the nuances of the musculature of the human body.

CF does a poor job of training gymnastics. This has been said by many, many coaches. I suspect the reason for this is that coaching gymnastics is much more challenging than coaching powerlifting or even olympic liftins. One of the main reasons is that you also have to coach people how to spot properly. If you have a 300 lb deadlift or a 200 lb squat but you cannot lift your body weight you are not "CrossFit". Similarly, if you can squat 200 lbs but have trouble touching your toes you are not 'CrossFit'.

Skill work does not necessarily mean low intensity. And before I go further, what is intensity exactly? Most people understand it only in its metabolic sense. But a 1RM snatch is also pure intensity in that it is very taxing on the Central Nervous System. The ring sequence workout we did last week was a blend of skill work, strength work and intensity.

Sooo, I have not completely removed the traditional met con wods from our programming but I do hope that for those of you who are doubting me, please stick with it and give this new programming a chance!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday, Oct 14, 2010

A. Shuttle sprint 25 meters there and back, then 40 meters there and back = 130 meters @ 100% intensity

B. Active rest for 7 minutes: with a partner do 30 sec body line drill on your stomach, 30 sec on your back; 1 static muscle-up x 2 sets; keep your body line and climb up and down the wall x 2 reps each; 2 planche push-ups each

C. lateral shuttle sprint 25 meters there and back, then 40 meters there and back = 130 meters @ 100% intensity

D. Active Rest for 7 minutes: with a partner do: 1 static muscle-up x 2 sets; 2-5 handstand push-ups x 2 sets

3 Rounds

There are many progressions for the muscle -up, handstand push-ups and planche push-ups. Ask your coach!

The Next Toy!



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wednesday, Oct 12 , 2010

A1. Front Squat at a tempo of 30X0; 2-3 reps x 7 sets; rest 10 sec.
A2. Back Squat @ a tempo of 30X0; AMRAP x 7; rest 1 minute
A3. L-sit x 1 rep x 7 sets
Rest 3 min

B. Hang squat clean - work up to a 1RM quickly on the minute.

I got the idea for A1 and A2 from OPT. You will use the same weight for your front and back squat. Do your front squat. Rack the bar. Wait ten seconds. Do as many reps as possible of back squats. Rest one minute and do one L-Sit. Then wait 2 minutes and do this for 7 sets.

Yoga/Stretching Thursday night -Cancelled

Brett will NOT BE instructing an hour of yoga/stretching this Thursday at 7 pm. This class will be taking place on Saturday instead. I will give you the time as soon as Brett confirms.

Tuesday, Oct 12, 2010

A1. Pull-ups: Advanced 1 arm pull-up x 1 (per arm); Beginner x 3 (negatives) Intermediate x 3 (static)
A2. TGU x 1 (per arm)
Advanced do 5 Rounds, Beginner and Intermediate do 3 Rounds
rest 60 seconds

B1. 20 unbroken pull-ups or AMRAP - rest 45 sec
B2. 10 unbroken OHS 95/135 lbs - rest 45 sec
B3. Run 400 meters at 90% intensity
Only time the run.
Rest 3 min.
3 Rounds

Sunday, October 10, 2010

11am and 12pm classes on Monday, October 11

Just a reminder that we are holding 2 classes tomorrow (Monday, October 11) at 11am and 12pm. The noon hour is full but there is still room in the 11am.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Hours

We will be closing for Sunday for the Thanskgiving weekend. Monday we will have two classes: 11 am and 12 noon.

Friday, Oct 8, 2010

A. For Time:
Row 1000 meters
Run 1000 meters
85% intensity

B. Rest as long as it takes you to do Part A. This is active rest: 10 pistols (5 per leg), handstand x 3. Continue for as long as your rest is.

Repeat Part A.

Ask your coach for handstand variations.

Beth's Radio Show: Your Other Lover-

Dollars for Reps!
If you love Beth's playlists now is the time to show some love. Call in tomorrow on her afternoon program and pledge to community radio CJTR. The show is from 3 to 4 pm.

Last time I pledged $50 bucks and Beth did 50 burpees!

Don't worry. When you call in you are not on the air!

Gymnastics is Fun!

I want to congratulate all of you for your excellent and disciplined work yesterday on the rings. The journey from childhood into adolescence and adulthood is supposed to be about broadening your horizons but when it comes to the body it is actually more like a de-evolution and the shutting down of possibilities. Way to dig deep and find your inner 6 year old!

A few notes about the movements. Cory easily snatches 70 lbs because his form is so solid.

Jeff is well on his way to an L-sit with one leg extended. Nice work.

Bison meat

We have bison coming in this Saturday. It is $4.00/ pound which is a great deal. Market prices for bison recently went up to $7.00/pound and that is before cutting and wrapping! If you are at all concerned that you will not have enough meat to get you through the winter I recommend picking some up. There is nothing worse than running out and having to resort to store bought meat.

There is also dog food available at $1.25 a pound. This is an older cow that lived out her days on the pasture.

Please respond here if interested.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thursday, Oct 7, 2010

This is meant to be a Creatine Phosphate workout NOT a glycolitic workout. This means that if you are pounding out the reps and doing your standard metcon the weight is not heavy enough for you. It should be more like, do a couple reps, rest, and so on.

Skill development
wall squats x 7
back bridges x 3
double unders x 20
3 Rounds - Not for time

5 thrusters 105/155 lbs
3 weighted pull-ups @ 20% of your body weight.
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

Paleo Challenge # 2 Winners

Congratulations to Catherine, Wendy and Gwen! You are the winners of flux CrossFit's Second Paleo Challenge!

Here's why:
All of you have embraced the spirit of eating REAL PALEO FOOD and said no to factory farmed meat, eggs and dairy. Through your choices you have supported local farmers who practice an authentic commitment to the land.

The prizes include: one Ido Portal workshop, a copy of Robb Wolf's book and a gift certificate to Nature's Best.

This week in photos

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday, Oct 6 , 2010

A1. TGU x 2 (per arm)
A2. L-SIT x 1 set 15-30 sec.
A3. KB snatches x 10 (5 per arm) 50/70 lbs
Rest 1 minute
3 Rounds

B. Advanced: strict muscle-up to ring dip to 5 sec L-Sit to negative muscle up to back lever to front lever -rest 3 minutes
4 Rounds
Ask your coach for ways to scale Part B.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tuesday, Oct 5, 2010

A.3 rounds- 90 sec
100 meter shuttle sprint 25 meters there and back x 4
max overhead squats 65/95 lbs
rest 3 minutes

B. Then do 15 minutes of active rest of:
wall squats x 5
body line drill stomach 60 sec
body line drill back 60 sec
handstand x 3 (practice breaking and reestablishing the body line)
skin the cat

Return to Part A.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Monday, Oct 4, 2010

A. Clean - 65% x 1 x 5 sets; 70% x 1 x 5 sets; 75% x 1 x 5 sets. 1 minute rest between sets. If you succeed with all the sets, go as heavy as possible off the clock. This means you will be doing 15 reps in 15 minutes.

B. Box Jumps 20" 24 " 30 sec on 30 sec rest
Pull-ups 30 sec on rest 30 sec
5 Rounds
C. 5 minutes of active rest- run 800 meter or less at 65% intensity
Go through B again.

The Weekend