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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ido Portal is coming back to flux CrossFit Jan. 7-9, 2011

Ido Portal is coming back to flux CrossFit January 7-9, 2011

Friday, January 7th
Basic Equilibrium Workshop (7pm-9pm)

Saturday, January 8th (2 different workshops)
Basic Equilibrium Workshop (10am-12pm)
Advanced Body Weight Strength Workshop (2-4pm)

Sunday, January 9th
Advanced Body Weight Strength Workshop (2-4pm)

Robb Wolf first recommended Ido Portal’s workshops to me and I am so pleased to have been introduced to this incredible athlete and coach. Ido has coached Cirque de Soleil artists, internationally renowned acrobats, gymnasts and martial artists.
This is Ido Portal’s second visit to flux CrossFit.

In the basic equilibrium class we will focus on joint mobility, ‘core’ strength and learn the progressions for handstands. In the advanced class we will work on ring strength, joint mobility and do some floor work. Learn the progressions to reach your goals of doing a planche, back lever, front lever and many other more complex movements. Ido is a great coach with a tremendous ability to break down complex movements for all levels of students.

Who should attend the Basic Equilibrium Workshop?
Anyone who wants to develop joint mobility, improve their balance, and develop tremendous midline stabilization (core strength).

Who should attend the Advanced Strength Workshop?
Anyone who wants to improve their body weight resistance training. Gymnasts are unparalleled when it comes to upper body strength. If you want to gain the strength of a gymnast you need to train like a gymnast! Even if you do not have a pull-up or a ring dip, Ido will take you through the proper and safe progressions to reach your goals. If you have already accomplished the basic body weight movements, then take your training to a new level with the planche and planche push-ups, Roeslers, Galimores, static muscle-up, L-sit to press, back and front levers and much, much more. Ido recommends you do both strength workshops. One session will focus on the pulling movements and the other will focus on the pressing movements.

Workshop Descriptions

Basic Equilibrium Workshop
This workshop is designed to teach the foundation for the basic static balancing on two hands and developing a better understanding of the manipulation of body mass in various positions - Handstand (gymnastics), Elbow-Lever (Gymnastics), Queda de Rins (Capoeira), Air Baby (Breakdance). Preparatory work for the One Arm Handstand will also be covered.
A clip demonstrating some equilibrium work: (performer: Ido Portal)
Prerequisite: None. No prior knowledge is required. Basic handstand is a plus.
Bodyweight and Gymnastics Oriented Strength and Conditioning Workshop
A combination of Joint Mobility, Strength, Flexibility, Power and Endurance through Gymnastics oriented exercises and other body-weight systems implemented into a challenging workout. Use your own body-weight, the floor, gravity and elastic bands in order to improve a wide array of physical markers. Geared towards people who work with their body - dancers, martial artists, CrossFitters, movers of all kinds and other people interested in improving fitness through challenging natural and safe mediums.
A demo of certain movements: (performer: Ido Portal)
Prerequisite:There is no need for prior knowledge/ability for this workshop.

IDO Portal is part of the first generation of Capoeiristas that started the whole scene in Israel. He has been training Capoeira for over 10 years, and he represents group Cordao de Ouro under the supervision of Mestre Suassuna. His direct teacher is Contra Mestre Idan Harrari who studied under Mestre Daniel Sela - the founder of Capoeira in Israel. A couple of years ago Ido created his own training center in Haifa, Israel called 'Hacasa' - 'The Home'. It is really a home for Capoeira, Acrobatics, physical training and other activities for children, women and men (www.hacasa.co.il). Ido’s research helps him to have a better understanding of things around him and a better control and understanding of art, mental abilities, spirit and the physique. This research has led to a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, psychology, strength training, flexibility and stretching, rhythm, music, drama, and much more.
Read more: http://www.myspace.com/131520325#ixzz0uWN1IlZE

Workshop Fees (Ages 13 and up):
flux CrossFit Members ... Not a flux CrossFit athlete ...

1 workshop = $65 1 workshop = $80
2 workshops = $125.00 2 workshops = $150.00
3 workshops = $185.00 3 workshops = $225.00

To register please email fluxregina@gmail.com or call 541-5808. Fees must be paid in advance to secure place in workshops. Fees can be paid by cash or cheque at flux CrossFit. Due to the limited number of spaces, no refunds will be given for cancellations.Each workshop will be capped in order to facilitate an optimal learning experience. All workshops will take place at flux CrossFit.

flux CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that utilizes the principles and methods of Optimal Performance Training and CrossFit. The workouts involve constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. flux CrossFit teaches a multitude of movements and skills, some of which include: Olympic lifting, barbell training, kettlebells, gymnastics, running and rowing.

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  1. Excited!! Sign me up for the two advanced strength workshops.. Such a brilliant opportunity!!!