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Monday, August 3, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

400 meter run
5 min of shoulder prep
shinobi x 2 lengths (1 each direction)
Reverse knuckle push ups x 10

A. 3 Rounds:
     Strict HSPU x 5-7
     STRICT Toes to Bar x 3-10
     Pistols x 10
     Double Unders x 30
Not for time.

-if you have 8 reps to floor, go to a deficit.
- if you do strict hspu to a height, do eccentrics 1.1.1
-If you are working on kick up do 5 attempts (use an experienced spotter if your coach thinks you need to get the feel of the weight of hips and feet over the shoulders and wrists. Hold for 5 sec if you are successful.
-if you have no interest in hspu please do strict barbell press Poliquin 4%.

-if you cannot do strict toes to bar, please use stahl bars and do hanging leg raises to parallel or toes to the top (more advanced) x 5 reps @ 31x1 x 5 reps

-no full pistol? Please do alternating eccentrics with no hand placement for support x 3 reps

If 30 is too many, do double under attempts for 90 sec.

B. 12 min AMRAP:
OHS x 7 95/135 Advanced should snatch into first rep.
KB Swings x 20 35/55 lbs
Box Jumps 20/24" x 15

Rest 5 minutes

C. 6 min AMRAP:
    Thrusters x 10 95/135 lbs
    Burpees over the bar x 10



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