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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015


A. Skill Work
Advanced: Every 2 minutes x 7 sets
Double Unders Unbroken or 40 reps (whichever comes first)
AMRAP HS walk Unbroken in two attempts

Intermediate: 7 sets
AMRAP double unders in 60 sec or 120 sec. The worse you are at these, the more time you should give yourself!
Rest 30 sec.
kick up into handstand using wall and accumulate 15-30 sec of a freestanding hs. If what you are ending up with is just a series of heel pulls, change to 5-10 heel pulls with 3 to 5 sec hold
rest 30 sec 

 60 single unders
chest to wall hold x 30 sec
5 sets
Rest as needed

B. Toes to Bar x 20
DB FULL snatch x 20 (10 per arm alternating) 20/45 lbs
1 min rest
4 sets

NOTE: so it looks like there will be some sprinting at the BCBD this year. IF you have time and can rest a minimum of 3 hours between sessions, do the following at the park. Be sure to warm up appropriately, ie. sprint warm up with ABCs. Then try some start positions at less intensity. No hamstring tears! First couple sets at less than 100 % intensity.

10 meter sprint
rest 60 sec
10 sets

30 meter sprint
rest 2 minutes
10 sets

60 meter sprint
rest 3 minutes
10 sets 

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