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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2014

10 minutes of joint prep
with an empty bar:
7 tall muscle cleans
7 jumps from hang position (arms staying straight!)
7 hang cleans

A. Every 90 sec x 8 sets:
3 FULL cleans @ 80 % of your max plus 5 strict hspu.

A note on percentages. If you are more of an intermediate lifter (and 90% of us are), you will be more at 85 or 88% of your max. Make the right decision based on your warm up and be sure to do a warm up set at your working weight. If it is tough, stay at that weight but if you know you could easily do 5 or 6 at that weight, go up a bit.

For the hspu: You may elevate the height. If you DO NOT have a regular push-up, please do 5 push ups. EVERYONE does 5 reps, regardless of progression.

B. bodyline drill: 30 sec on stomach and 30 sec on back x 1 set
chest to wall hold x 30 sec x 3 sets or 1 x 45 sec or 1 x 60 sec. I want to see a tight bodyline please.

C. Advanced: handwalking for 10 min
A bit timid of the handwalking? practice your kick up - 5 attempts x 5 sets; rest 60 sec only
Not strong enough yet for the kick up and worried you will fall on your head? Elevate feet and do 20-30 shoulder taps x 3 sets; rest 60 sec.

D. AMRAP in 8 minutes:
Double Unders x 20
Push Press x 7 75/115lbs
Toes to Bar x 12

NOTE: 1 Round = 39 reps. You should be able to get first 39 reps unbroken.

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