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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday, March 9, 2014

rolling warm up
stall bar shoulder openers (advanced will nor require the stall bars but will be able to do it with hands on plates).

 A.  Tall muscle snatch AMRAP in 30 sec 55/75 lbs
      Rest 30 sec
      Box Jumps AMRAP in 30 sec 20/24"
      Rest 30 sec
      Kipping Muscle Ups AMRAP in 30 sec
      Rest 30 sec.
      OHS AMRAP in 30 sec 55/75 lbs
      Rest 60 sec.
      6 sets

B1. Straddle Ups x 5 x 2 sets

B2. Bridge wall walks x 5 x 2 sets

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