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Monday, July 13, 2015

Tuesday July 14, 2014

5 min of joint prep
A1. diagonal stretch x 5/side x 3 sec hold
A2. hanging for 30 sec plus one arm either pronate or supinate
A3. 10 squat to elbows as close to ground as possible
A4. quadrapedal gallop x 2 circles each direction

A1. Clean high pull x 3 reps x 5 sets  (all working sets at 20 lbs over your max clean); rest 30 sec.

A2. Strict HSPU x4- 5 reps x 5 sets; rest 60 sec. (strict press if you do not have hspu). To a deficit if possible. Should be unbroken.


Double Under x 30
Snatch x 15 55/7lbs

BEGINNERS: AMRAP single unders in 30sec.
Rest 60 sec
5 hang power snatch (go up in weight with each set if your coach gives you the go ahead).
Rest 60 sec
5 sets

C1. bi-lateral cuban rotations x 8-12 reps (if you can't find appropriate weight, use a barbell) @ 3131

C2. Powell raises x 8-12 reps @ 3131

3 sets. Rest 60 sec after C2 only.

IF you have time for a second training session, do the following:

Rope climb (arms only - in as perfect a straddle as possible) x 1-2 rep x 5 sets; rest 2 min
Handstand walking x 30-40 feet x 5 sets; rest 2 min

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