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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

5 min of joint prep
A1. diagonal stretch x 5/side x 3 sec hold
A2. hanging for 30 sec plus one arm either pronate or supinate
A3. 10 squat to elbows as close to ground as possible
A4. quadrapedal gallop x 2 circles each direction

A. 3 sets
A1. 3 wall walks
A2.  L sit x 30 sec
A3. Pistols x 5/side (no hands for assistance)

NOTE: This is skill work today so not for time.

B. Every 60 sec x 10 sets
1 power clean plus 2 front squats @ 70-75 % of your max clean

C. Row 250 meters
muscle ups x 4/2 (kipping)
wall ball without squat x 10 14/20 lbs
burpees x 8
Run 100 meters
Rest 90 sec
7 sets

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