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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


5 min of joint prep - circles from head to toe
A1. sissy squat x 10 reps plus 10 sec hold
A2.weighted standing shoulder dislocates - 10 reps plus 10 sec in both positions on last rep
A3. on the beach with hands touching if possible - 5 reps
A4. 30-60 sec passive hang plus a more challenging progression (on second set skip the passive hang for advanced folks)
2 sets

A. See Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Go up 3-5 % if possible
Every 4 minutes x 4 sets:
strict pulling x 3-5 reps (if you have 5 perfect chest to bar pull-ups, add weight and do 3-5 reps)
thrusters x 7 unbroken and at a quick but steady tempo

Note on pulling: with or without weight, the standards are the same. If your pulling starts to deteriorate, reduce reps and/or weight.

If you have 2 strong chin ups or pull ups, but not 3. Do your sets as 2 plus 1. You have plenty of time to get the third rep in so don't be in a hurry.

If you have been working on assisted chin ups, and you are VERY close to a strict chin up, or maybe on occasion, you have 1 chin up, do assisted and complete 3 reps. 

Note on thrusters: If you are a beginner, please do 7 thrusters at a very manageable weight x 5 sets. Go up in weight only if your coach gives you the go ahead. 

B.  Flux - inspire the neighborhood - partner training session
     10 Rounds for Time:
     Deadlift x 10 reps 185/255 lbs
     Sandbag sprint x 4 lengths of parking lot (must go around the cone) 35/60 lbs
Partner 1 completes a round and then partner 2 begins.

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