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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Joint Prep for 5 minutes

Run 400 meters at 50% intensity

A1. passive hanging for 30-60 sec.
A2. protracted push ups @ 31x3 x 10 reps
A3. diagonal stretch x 5/side
A4. 1 arm active hang (coach's choice)

Another 400 meter run at 70 % intensity

A. 3 Min AMRAP
10 box jumps 20/24"

10 KB Swings 35/55 lbs

Rest 3 minutes

B. 6 Min AMRAP
Turf length x 4 (touch at each end)
Toes to Bar x 10
push ups x 10 

Rest 6 minutes

C. 9 min AMRAP
Run 400 meters
15 OHS 65/95 lbs 

D. 100 band pull aparts

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