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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015


5 min of joint prep - circles from head to toe
A1. sissy squat x 10 reps plus 10 sec hold
A2.weighted standing shoulder dislocates - 10 reps plus 10 sec in both positions on last rep
A3. on the beach with hands touching if possible - 5 reps
A4. 30-60 sec passive hang plus a more challenging progression (on second set skip the passive hang for advanced folks)
2 sets

 AMRAP in 10 minutes:
Kipping HSPU (CF Open standards) x 5-15 reps
Kipping Pull ups (COVP) x 5-15 reps

Note: Advanced do 15 reps of each
Intermediate do 5 reps of each

Please work with a partner and count each others reps. Be strict.
If you are not doing kipping HSPU, please do strict barbell press x 7 reps (4 plus 3 is fine)

NOTE: (Take about 10 minutes and find a working weight for a 10 rep back squat @ 00x0). YOU MUST ADHERE TO THIS TEMPO! If you are a beginner, do @ 33x3 tempo please.  

B. 3 Rounds for Time:
Back Squat from rack x 10 reps
KB Swings x 15 35/55 lbs
Double Unders x 40

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