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Monday, February 23, 2015

Rootless Root Fighting Monkey Workshop - What the Heck is this all About?

"All is right, everyone has certain truth, but the question is,

Are we able to understand the context in which we operate?
And therefore are we capable of choosing the right tools/practice to cultivate ourselves?
Are we able to break the walls of fixed knowledge and transit to passing, fluctuating openness?"

- RootlessRoot Fighting Monkey Project


Let me ask you a question, and just to humour me, take a few minutes and give my question an honest answer. 

The question I pose is as follows: how do you feel and react when you are in a movement situation or environment that is perhaps foreign to you? Do you close yourself off to this environment, which comes with its own culture, language, clothing and gear and set of movements? Or do you embrace AND engage in a critical manner, the newness of the situation, perhaps even self-reflecting on how you act/feel/think/move in response to a new movement culture/environment? 

In every situation or moment are you a good mover? And by that, I don't mean mastery, but rather you have a movement foundation that provides you with the potential to adjust to a new set of conditions. What happens for instance, when the rules to the game change and you must adapt?

Do you avoid movement situations and contexts that might expose a weakness?  
I have studied and learned from world renowned olympic weightlifters and coaches, highly respected CrossFit instructors, dancers, cirque artists, martial artists, boxers, rock climbers, handbalancers, powerlifting coaches, capoeira masters, professionals from the world of manual therapy - including chiropractors and physical therapists who hold doctorates, parkourists and yoga instructors. 
Disciplines can be very productive but they can also be very limiting. After all, each discipline comes with its own philosophy, terminology and history, basically a "set of truths". This set of truths that each movement discipline is entrenched within is neither good nor bad, it is just simply the way it is. It only becomes counter-productive when a practitioner of a discipline does not recognize that his or her practice does indeed have a truth, a context and a history. Do you become a fish out of water outside of your comfortable and familiar surroundings?

The Fighting Monkey Workshop is an opportunity for you to physically negotiate unknown territory.  You can make it as challenging and physically demanding as you want. This workshop is for all ages and all abilities. Be scared, be apprehensive, but don't let such feelings prevent you from the new and unknown.

The Fighting Monkey Workshop is an opportunity to challenge yourself. It will introduce you to a whole new world of movement.


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