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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

A. Snatch Complex: Every 3 minutes x 8 sets:
1 snatch grip deadlift plus 1 hang snatch plus 1 snatch.
65-70% for first working set.
Go up in weight after every 2 sets by approximately 5%.
See June 9, 2015

B. Strict plus kipping hspu
Advanced: To Floor - AMRAP strict in 30 sec plus AMRAP kipping in 30 sec. 
Intermediate: To a Height AMRAP strict in 30 sec plus AMRAP kipping in 30 sec. 
Beginner: AMRAP strict db press in 30 sec plus AMRAP kipping push press in 30 sec. 
Rest 3 min
3 sets

NOTE: pick a strict weight for which you are able to do a minimum of 5 reps. 

C. 3 Rounds for Time:
Clean the bar from the floor and do 10 front squats @ 00x0
Run 400 meters
Kipping muscle ups x 5 (or 15 chest to bar pull ups or 15 covp pull ups). 

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