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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

5 minutes of joint prep
A1. FM arm circles for 2 minutes
A2. resting squat for 30-60 sec
A3. passive hang for 30-60 sec followed immediately by a more challenging progression
A4. world's greatest stretch x 5/side

A. On a 2 minute clock for 8 sets:
Hang Clean plus clean and jerk (beginners do 2 of each)
First 2 sets at 55-65% of your max. Go up approximately 5% after every 2 sets.

NOTE: this is the exact prescription as Tuesday. 

B. Every 8 minutes for 3 sets:
1000 meter row
1-2 arms only rope climb
shoulder taps x 60 or handstand walk x 10-20 meters

Less advanced can use feet for the rope climb.

500 meter row at 80-90% intensity(hold back a bit)
Rest 2 min
5 rope climbs starting with back on the ground. 
Rest 60 sec.
3 sets 

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