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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Athletic Camp at Flux

This Flux camp will be led by Darci Anderson, one of the Provincial coaches for the Saskatchewan Junior Olympic Weightlifting team.

Flux offers a strength & conditioning program that is of the highest order. Our focus at Flux is movement education. This means that above and beyond the critical development of strength, power, speed and muscle endurance, we concentrate on joint integrity and mobility. We help athletes become exceptional movers.

After an initial movement assessment, your teen will be provided with his or her own program prescription for the duration of the camp. This individualized attention will ensure that weaknesses (which often lead to injuries) are identified and addressed. In addition to their physical training, athletes will also learn about nutrient dense food and the connection between food, health and athleticism.

This camp is geared towards teens aged 12 to 16 who want to establish a strong foundation for their long term athletic development. This camp is for the teen who wants to be prepared for the rigors of the competition season.
At Flux we work with athletes from various sports, including hockey, football, lacrosse, track and field, swimming, speed skating, cycling, kayaking and many more.

Space is limited; group capped at 12 athletes.

Dates: July 20th to August 7th
4 days per week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 4pm
90 minute sessions
$330 + GST

*Already enrolled in the Flux Teen Program? Participate in 90 minute sessions on your regularly scheduled days at no extra cost.

Fill out this online registration form to sign up.

Questions? email fluxcrossfit.info[at]gmail.com

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