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Monday, December 8, 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A. Advanced:
Take your max snatch and go down 20 lbs and do the following:
Every 2 minutes:
snatch x 3 reps
burpees x 7
5 sets
If you complete all 5 sets, go to 5 snatches and 10 burpees for 3 more sets or until failure.

Intermediate: take approximately 10 lbs of your 3 RM and do the same as above.

Beginner: 5 hang power snatches
                7 burpees
               Rest 100 sec.
              5 sets. Go up if your coach gives you the go ahead.

B. Equilibre
Handbalancing and Handwalking 15 minutes.
Everyone should do 30-60 sec chest to wall hold.
If you are doing 30 sec, please do 3 sets, resting 60 sec between sets.
For Handwalking, I want the approach that Amir taught Mieka and I to be used as it is the best one I have learned so far.

C. 7 Rounds for Time:
OHS x 12 65/95 lbs
wall balls x 10
double unders x 20

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