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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

A. 2 snatch high pull plus 1 snatch x 5 working sets @ approx. 75%, 80%, 84%, 87%, 87%
Less advanced should have slightly higher percentages.

Beginners: 3 snatch high pulls plus 1 hang snatch or power snatch x 5 sets. Go up in weight if your coach gives you the go ahead.

NOTE: when we were training in Bulgaria under 3 of the best weightlifting coaches/athletes history has ever produced, a few trends started to emerge. One of them was that NO ONE was finishing their second pull. Use the above complex to pull the bar AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE! And yes, this means USING YOUR ARMS! The other cue to focus on is letting the bar SLIDE UP YOUR THIGHS! I like to think of bringing the bar PAST MY NOSE.

B.  SEE Nov 25, Dec 6, 2014
AMRAP OHS in 2 min at 95/135 lbs

Note: Just like the AMRAP thrusters that we did last week,  I want you to go a little heavier than the typical go to of 65 lbs for women and 85 for men (You know who you are)! You must snatch the bar from the floor into either a power snatch or full snatch. More advanced, I want a snatch into your first rep. If you are unstable under the bar the above comments DO NOT apply to you.  Instead, do the following:

Beginners: OHS 5 sets of 7 reps (work up in weight slowly).

C. Box Jumps x 45 sec 20/24"
     KB Swings x 45 sec 35/55 lbs American if you are competing in Open
     Ring Dips or Bar Dips or push ups x 45 sec
     Shoulder taps  x 45 sec
     Rest 15 sec between movements and after you complete all 4 stations rest 3 minutes.
     4 sets 

You can start at any station.

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