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Monday, March 30, 2015

Saturday, April 3, 2015

5 minutes of joint prep
No shoes please.

A1. Wrap or wrap to wrap step
A2.  weighted shoulder dislocates from standing position. I want 10 sec in end range of motion in both positions.  x 10
A3. run like a dog x 1/direction
x 3 sets

A. Snatch Balance
4 sets of 3 at 60-70% of your max snatch.
Beginners do 4 sets of 3 but all three positions. Do not worry about percentages.

B1. strict toes to bar
strict toes to bar @ 31x1 x 5-7 reps x 5 sets
Intermediate:  3-5 kipping toes to bar with a 3 sec eccentric
Beginner: 5 knees to chest with a 3 sec eccentric

B2. Wall supported Handstands
       1 arm chest to wall handstand x 15 sec per/arm (do not come down to switch arms). Must be no more than 1/2 foot from the wall.
       2 arm wall assisted kick up to handstand x 30 sec.
       feet elevated handstand x 30 sec.

Rest 60 sec between movements. 

C.  For Time:
     5 burpees
     5 kipping chest to bar pull ups
     10 burpees
     10 kipping chest to bar pull ups
     15 burpees
     15 kipping chest to bar pull ups

If you can do more than 10 butterfly kipping pull ups chest to bar unbroken, do the following:
10 burpees
10 butterfly chest to bar
15 burpees
15 butterfly chest to bar
 20 burpees
20 butterfly chest to bar

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