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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2015

Joint Prep and Movement Work
5 min of joint prep
Fighting Monkey arm circles x 30 sec/direction x 3 sets. First set without weight.
Coach Jen performing Fighting Monkey weighted arm circles

The Flux Blend
10 min to learn the parkour rolls. Obviously, you will not master this in 10 minutes, but play with it a bit and see how it goes.  
A1. OHS x 5-7 reps
A2. Air baby x 30 sec or QDR (there are a million variations. Your coach will help you pick the appropriate one). If you don't have a 30 sec air baby, accumulate 30 sec in as few sets as possible. 
A3. lazy vault x 6/direction; or, if ready, start to move towards dash vault. 
A4. pull overs x 5 reps; or, stride, stride, pull over x 5 reps (this is you if you have a decent pull over).
A5. skin the cat x 1.1.1 or, if you do not have a skin the cat yet, do back and forth x 5 reps 1.1.1
A6. Parkour Rolls x 3/side forward and backward. An alternative is to do 5 lenths of gymnastics forward rolls and leave out the backroll.
A7. monkey plant x 10 reps or a really good jumping rhythm x 10 reps
Rest 60 sec.

A note on the skin the cat. Many you are close to the full skin the cat (closer than you think you are, in fact). Resist the urge to grab the rings with your feet. Don't kip and get a deep scap depression. PIKE and PANCAKE!!!!

3 Rounds 

Flux CrossFit
Hang Power Snatch x 12 75/105 lbs
push ups x 10/20
jumping air squats x 30
Row x 21 calories
Rest 4 minutes
4 sets

Flux Competition
A. EMOM for 3 sets
Minute 1: Handstand walk as far as possible in 30 sec 
Minute 2: Box jumps 30/36" x 6 (work on a light landing)

B. Power Clean x 5 reps 
Rest 2 minutes.
Go up in weight with each set. This shouldn't be touch and go, but it also shouldn't be so heavy that you are resting more than 3 sec between reps. First set at about 70% of your max.  
We will return to this next week.

C. Every 7 minutes x 3 sets:
Row 1000 meters
Front Squat x 15 reps 85/125 no rack These should be done at 00x0
strict hspu x 10/15  


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