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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

Joint Prep and Movement Work:
Testing- brachiation
rolling warm up - pike, straddle, butterfly, straddle up, roll to squat x 5 reps/each movement
Your goal at the end of the cycle is to get feet and hands back to floor. Following that, simply finesse the movements. 

Muscle ups x 2-5 reps (development). Some of you should do 1/4 muscle ups x 4 sets; rest 3 min

A1. pulling x 4 sets
Ring rows x 4-5 reps @ 31x3
chin ups x 2-4 reps @ 31x1
pull ups x 2-4 reps @ 31x1

A2. Vertical pushing x 4 sets
chest to wall hspu x 2-4 reps
downward dog hspu x 2-4 reps
press x 4-5 reps @ 31x1

Rest 100 sec between movements

B1. Thrusters x 5-6 reps (heavy and unbroken) (This is 1-2 more reps than last week).

B2. Easier version of pushing
chest to wall hspu (height) x 4-5 reps
downward dog hspu x 4-5 reps
press x 5-7 reps
Rest 60 sec between movements.
3 sets

Yes, you will be fatigued after the thrusters. Make sure you use your legs!

C. Thrusters x 30 sec AMRAP (lighter than B. Should get a minimum of 10 on your first set).
10 sec rest
double unders x 45 sec
  60 sec rest
  4 sets

C. plyometrics
you will need at least 4 objects (jump over or on the object). I reccomend that advanced jumpers use the taller vaults. Any variation is fine.
x 4 sets
60 sec rest  

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