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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thursday, November 26, 2015

 5 minutes of head to toe joint prep. I want circles this week. Done correctly, you should be breathing a bit heavier than when you started. head, neck, shoulders, chest, hips, knees, etc). Circles!!!
A1. first and second progression brachiation
A2. back and forth cossacks x 10 reps
A3. 15-30 sec support hold (3 progressions increasing in level of complexity: 30 sec planche lean, 15-30 sec support hold on rings in push up position, 15-30 sec support on rings in dip position. 
B1. CARS for Hips -5 reps per/direction x 3 sets
B2. Reverse knuckle push ups x 10 reps x 3 sets

NOTE:There is nothing like a new movement to expose immobility.  The folks doing the Flux Way have discovered how difficult the martelo kick is. The tricky part is the high internal hip rotation. We could all do with some Functional Range Conditioning so we will be doing some of Dr. Andreo Spina's CARS (controlled articular rotations) for the hips in our warm up. If you are interested in Dr. Spina's philosophy on mobility, check him out on his website.

NOTE:How are the support holds coming along? We are on week 3 so you should be making progress.

 Suggested Progressions:
Straight arm iso hold in body line x 30-60sec.
Planche lean x 30-60 sec.
On your knees with neutral grip on rings (push up position) 30-60 sec
On your toes with neutral grip on rings (push up position) x 30-60 sec
On your toes support hold (push up position) x 15-30 sec
Ring Dip Neutral Hold x 15-30 sec
Ring dip support hold x 15-30 sec

B1. rope climb x 1 rep (Advanced should be arms only. No need for a straddle but do not jump up into it). OR, do 3 from a seated position @31x3
B2. shoulder taps x 40
B3. hip raises x 10 -15reps
B4. hspu x 6-8 reps
B5. strict toes to bar x 5 @ 3111
B6. chin ups or pull ups @ 30x1 x 6-10 reps 
B7. Wall climbers x 10-20
Rest 60 sec between stations.
Rest 5 minutes after each cycle.
2-3 sets.

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